Religious Education and Collective Worship

Religious Education and Collective Worship



We are proud to be a Church of England Primary  School and have close associations with our local churches. Special services are held in St Martin's Church and we have an act of collective worship each day. The children participate in these assemblies as much as possible. The assemblies are organised by Mr Mottram, class teachers, Rev Kimberly Bohan and Rev Alan Hundleby (both also Governors), pupils, visitors. On Friday there is a 'Celebration' Assembly which is open to all friends of the school. We have a group of children making up the Assembly Team, who enjoy organising and leading some of our assemblies.


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We enjoy welcoming visitors from the Diocese of Lincoln and our older children attend the Lincoln Church Schools Festival.

We also like to take part in other events when we can. Our school choir took part in the Lincoln Cathedral choristor project, and a group of children went to Westminster Abbey to take part in the National Society bi-centennial anniversary.

 Children often take part in the services held in the church.

The school follows the locally agreed syllabus for Religious Education, linking the themes with class topics and current events where possible to make the learning relevant for children


church 6 We also enjoy services with parents and the local community, especially enjoying Christmas, Christingle and Carol Services with our school and families.


We will make arrangements for parents to exercise their statutory right of withdrawal of their children from religious education.