Sports Premium 2014 - 2015

Sports Premium Funding
Spending at East Ravendale Primary Academy 2014-15
What we did Impact
We have funded sports coaches for gymnastics (key stage 1 &2), dance (key stage 2), martial arts (key stage 2) and tennis (whole school). We also funded CPD coaching sessions for tag rugby and pentathlon.

This has enabled:
  • Increased quality PE teaching
  • Full competitions programme
  • CPD gained by teaching staff
  • More consistent quality within PE sessions
  • Increased attendance at external sporting clubs
  • Children trying new sports and activities
  • Increased attendance and success at Alliance and other inter school competitions for all children, and also gifted and talented events
We bought into the School Sports Partnership who provide competitions, network meetings for PE subject leaders and also coaches for CPD sessions.

  • Consistent approach to competitions and festivals
  • Well organised competitions and festivals
  • More opportunities for our children to experience new sports and activities
  • More opportunities for our children to attend competitions and festivals
Transport costs to competitions and festivals.

  • By having funds to pay travel costs, we have been able to enter more events
The school grounds have no markings, so we have commissioned an expert to come and design the markings for our specific needs.

  • The children will be able to play sport within a pitch with correct zone